Searching for Best WordPress Hosting in India? Let us help you find the best ones among the hundreds and thousand of hosts available on the internet.

We believe that most probably a google search looking for ‘Best WordPress Hosting India’ have landed you here. If it is so, then you will get exactly what you are looking for in this post.

The ‘Best WordPress Hosting‘ is one which provides fast, secure & cheap WordPress hosting along with a delighting after sales support to their customers. There are many WordPress Hosting providers in India who claims to be the best. But we also know that self boasting is quite natural, everyone claims to be the best. In such a scenario, it becomes important for us to honestly review and compare their specifications to decide upon who actually qualifies as best Hosting for WordPress in India.

Please have a quick look on below unbiased comparison table of best WordPress hosting available in India (Budget Plans)

Best WordPress Hosting India – Budget Options ( Side-by-Side Comparison )

HostingBluehostHostingerHostGatorA2 Hosting
Storage50 GB SSD10 GB SSD5 GB SSD100 GB SSD
BandwidthUnlimited100 GB25K VisitorsUnlimited
FREE Domain✓ (1st Yr. Only)

1 Account
Local Servers

Price (Regular)₹ 499₹ 199₹ 499₹ 665
Price (OFFER)₹ 199₹ 59₹ 249₹ 221
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All Prices mentioned above are on monthly basis for a minimum 36 month term.

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Best WordPress Hosting India – Detailed

Best WordPress Hosting India

Let us jump in to the depth and see what these popular WordPress hosts have in their stores for you. What actually makes them the Best WordPress Hosting in India to host your WordPress blogs or websites.

We will check Bluehost, Hostinger, A2 Hosting and HostGator on parameters of Speed, Price, Security and Support. How ready they are to host Indian customers?

1. Bluehost (


Bluehost is undisputedly the first choice for many new bloggers, you can rely upon their experience and customer centric approach. They are hosting more than 20 Lakh websites on their servers. Now you will see how they performs on various criteria?

  • Price

The pricing offered by Bluehost is the most affordable one with Free domain, SSL & CDN. If you compare with others, ₹ 199 a month is one of the best all-inclusive deal to host a WordPress blog.

  • Speed

Having servers in Asia is an advantage for Indian customers, Bluehost gives you that edge. Also they have all SSD storage for faster speeds.

  • Security

There is no known major incident in the history with Bluehost of any data breach or some other kind of data compromise of their servers. No worries at all.

  • Customer Support

You have phone local numbers 1800-419-4426 & 0824-2868088, chat and email for 24/7 support from Bluehost, they are fairly accessible all the time to troubleshoot your issues.

2. Hostinger (


A relatively new name, but giving a fierce competition to established players. You can try them in initial stage to run your blog. It is always good to try new options. Hostinger has spread its wings rapidly in many countries.

  • Price

59/Month is a steal in a way, it is less than a dollar per month literally. So there is not much to think about Hostinger’s price. You just need to enter a long term contract to get the maximum benefit.

  • Speed

With a SSD storage of 10GB and monthly bandwidth of 100GB is no less , it can handle a lot of traffic easily. We mean thousands of visitors by saying ‘a lot of traffic’.

  • Security

Hostinger’s weekly backups & Cloudflare Protected Nameservers are there to safeguard your site from malicious attacks. You can sleep tight while hosting your valuable data with Hostinger.

  • Customer Support

Hostinger’s support team is available 24/7/365, that means even on weekends and other holidays.

3. HostGator (


Hard to miss this oldest hosting company in the best WordPress Hosting list of India, you can get it easily from HG in various packaging and variants. It is for beginners, pros, developers and likewise.

  • Price

HostGator have kept a price tag of ₹ 249/Month. It may look slightly higher but it is giving you a server with 2 GB RAM. A large RAM means speed and efficiency.

  • Speed

HostGator have that server side Nginx/Varnish based caching to deliver your media quickly to the visitor’s browser. HostGator servers are located in India which means you will get a 10X better experience.

  • Security

HG maintains 3 copies of your website to give you that peace of mind. God forbid, If anything fails at their end, your 3 backed up copies will start filling the gap.

  • Customer Support

Indian customers can reach HostGator at this phone number i.e. 0824-6614102 . Other than phone, the support ticket option is always there.

4. A2 Hosting (


A2 Hosting claims having 20X Fast servers (Available in tier 3 and above plans). A2 optimised servers are known as fastest WordPress servers. They had done a lot of research and in-house development to sharp their edges.

  • Price

A2 Hosting is giving you the services at ₹ 221.29/Month. This is discounted by FLAT 66% OFF on their regular pricing. The speed they offer is worth to have at this price.

  • Speed

FREE CDN from CloudFlare, SSD Storage and Singapore based servers is an ultimate combination to give higher speeds to Indian bloggers & audience both. A2 fared well in tests done by us.

  • Security

A2 Free Malware Scan, DDoS Protection, 2 Factor Authentication, Dual Firewall, Antivirus. It is really an iron clad environment to shield your sites.

  • Customer Support

A comprehensive knowledgebase and any time chat option is available to A2 customers. Other than this you can raise support tickets any time to get quick help.

5. HostPapa (


HostPapa is renowned international WordPress Hosting available in India, covering it here has a reason. HostPapa is reviewed and appreciated positively by many bloggers. Their servers are absolutely built for WordPress, you will feel good at HostPapa.

  • Price

However HostPapa is an international hosting company but their pricing is also available in INR. Currently selling at ₹ 199/Month. The pricing of HostPapa plans is highly competitive with others but it has value added advantages. .

  • Speed

SSD Storage, Free SSL & cPanel access to users at such a cheap price is unimaginable. Developers pay hundreds of dollars a month for these facilities which you can get in less than ₹ 200 a month with HostPapa.

  • Security

Daily Backups, Anti-Hack Systems, Anti Spam, Proactive Updates & Patches , 24X7 Server Monitoring can protect your site very well. We ourselves have hosted our site with HostPapa in the past and are very sure about the security.

  • Customer Support

HostPapa customers can login in to their control panel and raise support tickets. Their hundreds of WordPress tutorials are free for everyone, you can access them anytime for quick solutions via CHAT as well.

Points to consider before buying WordPress Hosting in India?

A check list worth to ponder upon before buying any WordPress hosting plan in India. These are such points which are beneficial for Indian users.

1. What is your budget and requirement?

First and foremost draw your requirement. What you are going to float on the WordPress hosting server you are thinking to go for? 95% of the websites on internet are still running on cheap shared hosting. Even few good blogs are also running on these shared plans. So don’t jump the guns to start with a heavily loaded and costly hosting plan which you may not need at all.

Secondly, check the affordability of plan you have shortlisted. There are occasions when you start blogging with all the fervour but for some reason your blog or site struggles to get traffic. In such a scenario a fixed hosting cost of $50-100/month is not advisable. Always look for below $10 a month plan in the beginning.

2. Is your host available on phone?

The other mediums to contact your host are also good but they are time taking ones, customers running critical projects cannot wait for those 36 or 48 hours to get solutions.

Local phone number dealing customers in Indian languages and dialects is a value added service. Generally, hosting companies prefer Chat, Email or Support tickets to resolve customer issues. But a 24X7 phone line is the most preferred way to get faster resolutions by most of the customers.

Always check if your prospect host is available on phone or not? And also verify their working hours.

3. Is your host accepting UPI/IMPS/NEFT/PayTM as payment modes?

For Indian customers, paying with Credit Card is sometimes a hassle. Not everyone holds a credit card in India, however digital payments with other mediums are quite popular. The trending ones are UPI, Payment Wallets, Debit Cards, IMPS, NEFT etc.

On the other hand International hosting companies allows Credit Cards, PayPal, Wire Transfer or crypto currencies at most. So it is always recommended to go with a host who honours the Indian way of settling payments and invoices. This is helpful for the local customers while making new purchases or to upgrade their existing plans.

4. What will be the Renewal Cost after end of initial term?

You can always get a new WordPress hosting plan at an attractive pricing but that’s only for the initial term, let’s say you took a plan for of 36 months. Once this term is over, you may have to shed the renewal cost at thrice of the initial price.

Here, we want to focus on a commercial point that running a Hosting business is not an easy task. It consumes a lot of money, time and efforts. Moreover their is a cut throat competition among them to acquire new customers and retain the existing ones. So a justified renewal price should be considered OK by us as customers. But any hike of 3-4 times or beyond on the boarding plan is just not done.

Please read that small sized text in T&C carefully.

5. Check those tech specs in advance?

When you start searching for a ‘suitable’ host, it becomes important to know whether the hosting under consideration supports your future blog or website on technology front or not. For instance a WordPress project needs PHP, MySQL or MariaDB and a SSL as a minimum requirement. If your host doesn’t support any of these technical requirements then the attractive hosting plan which you are thinking to buy will be of no use for you.

By the way, most of the hosts supports WordPress these days. We just took an example for sake of it. He he.

Few other important aspects are listed below.

  • Uptime
  • Speed [ RAM, CPU, Caching, storage type SSD (y/n)]
  • Number of Sites allowed
  • Number of Databases allowed
  • Number of Parked/Sub Domains
  • Storage Space
  • Bandwidth

6. Support for WordPress?

Only remaining technically compliant with WP is not enough. Your host should help you on every step of running a successful WordPress site. The minimum expectation in terms of WordPress friendliness are as below:

  • 1-Click WordPress Installation
  • Core updates
  • Auto Plugin & Theme Updates
  • Virus & Malware Protection


So we have covered the Best WordPress Hosting in India for you, you can satisfy your queries and apprehensions before purchasing any of these recommended WordPress Hosting plans. To relook at the table given at beginning of this post , we have summarised and presented a gist of same below. You can take it further from here.

HostingBluehostHostingerHostGatorA2 Hosting
Price (Regular)₹ 499₹ 199₹ 499₹ 665
Price (OFFER)₹ 199₹ 59₹ 249₹ 221
Go to Deal →▶️ Get Bluehost India▶️ Get Hostinger India▶️ Get HostGator India▶️ Get A2 India
Go to Deal →▶️ Get Bluehost Global▶️ Get Hostinger Global▶️ Get HostGator Global▶️ Get A2 Global

If you are a beginner then you should start with Bluehost and upscale your hosting package slowly. If you are a seasoned blogger owning couple of web properties then you can look in to plans of any of these hosting companies hand-picked by us. There are very good chances that you will further recommend these best WordPress Hosting to your friends and relatives.

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